Celebrate Fibonacci Day with the improved Fibonacci Bot and 50% extra Rep


In honour of the legendary mathematician, you can find new difficulty modes, Achievements, and enhanced commands.

There’s a lot to thank Italian mathematician Fibonacci for, from introducing the Hindu–Arabic numeral system to the West and that lovely Golden Ratio. We wanted to honour the man with enhancing our very own Fibonacci bot, as well as an offer for 50% extra rep from November 19-23.

We’ve introduced a number of improvements, too.

Difficulty modes

For those that want to give the man himself a run for his florins, then you can tackle three difficulty modes: easy, medium and hard sequences (including new sequences).

Easy gives 1 point; medium 5 points; and hard 10 points.


There are also new difficulty-based Achievements at 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000, covering easy, medium and hard games.




We’ve updated the Score commands:

  • !fib Scores (you)
  • !fib scores group (Group leaderboard and your rank within it)
  • !fib scores global (top 10 highest scoring users on Palringo across the app)


But that’s not all Fibonacci has in the latest version. Use you skills and see if you can discover our hidden Easter egg…

Not got the Fibonacci Bot in your Group? You can find it on the store.


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