Palringo’s New Form of Self-Expression


Charms has arrived! Discover how to personalise your Avatar, with a brand-new collection of fun, stylish and emotional accessories!

Over the past few weeks, you may have spotted flowers, jewels, and other cool-looking things pinned to some users’ Avatars. And you probably thought “What are they?”. They’re Charms, of course!

So what is a Charm, exactly? They are beautiful accessories you ‘wear’ on your Avatar for everyone in Palringo to see. Use them to express how you feel or show off your personal style! Better still, Charms make fantastic gifts so when you next want to say ‘Hi’, ‘I love you’ or ‘Happy Birthday’, do it with a Charm!

Here’s what a Charm looks like

Here are the types of Charms available

Right out of the gate, we’re bringing you over 55+ Charms across 9 categories. If you’re not convinced, why not pick up a free Charm and see what it looks like?

The Golden Heart Charm

The Open Rose Charm

Charms can be purchased for varying durations. Someones birthday? Send a 1-day birthday card. Head over heels in love? Send a year-long golden heart. It’s really up to you.

If you are here for fun and a challenge, check out our brand-new Achievements that are unique to Charms!

Have owned the Heart Charm

This is just the beginning! We have many more Charm categories planned as well as specific seasonal collections and special limited editions. And maybe we’ll open the doors for you to contribute your ideas too! As they say, watch this space.

Why not tap on your Profile and select the Charm to head to the store right now?

To learn more about Charms, visit our FAQ page.

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4 thoughts on “Palringo’s New Form of Self-Expression

  1. Angela

    I see the charms are released but when I tap on the charm areas I only see a few free ones and I am on the iPhone. I’m not given an option like Android users are. Is there something I’m doing wrong or do iPhones users have to wait longer for the charms to release?

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