What’s New in Palringo 8.4 – Improved Voice Messaging & Conversation Preview


Learn more about Improved Voice Messaging and Conversation Preview in our social chat app’s latest update, Palringo 8.4.

Improved Voice Messaging

We know being able to chat over voice is big thing for users, so we spent the past few months working hard on giving you a better experience. Now it’s easier than ever to send voice messages to other users! Say “Hi”, ask them how their day’s going, and maybe even break out into song if that’s your thing.

If you’re thinking to yourself–“What? There’s voice messaging?” you can find out how it works below.

  • First off, there’s standard voice messages, which can record for 30 seconds.
  • Then, there’s Premium voice messages (for those with a personal Premium subscription), which gives you up to 180 seconds. 

Check the bottom right of the app and you’ll see a familiar microphone icon. This is the voice messaging icon.

If you want the world (or just your friends) to hear your voice, simply TAP and HOLD the microphone icon.

  1. Hold the red record button to continue to record
  2. Swipe to the padlock icon to keep recording when you remove your finger from the button.
  3. Press the green arrow to automatically send you message.
  4. Press the trash icon to delete the message.

  1. You can press the PLAY button to preview your message.
  2. Press the green arrow to send you message out into the wild.

This is how voice messaging appears in Chat.

Press the PLAY button to hear your messages and other users’ messages/singing/laughing, and more!

Conversation Preview

You’ve probably been there in Palringo–you see a Group and think “I’m not ready to jump in just yet. I want to see what’s going on in there first.” This is where Conversation Preview comes in.

You can dip into a Group and see what’s going on before joining. However, there are a couple of things you need to know first about its settings (if you own a Group):

  • If it’s switched to “Everyone”: Anyone is allowed to preview the content of your Group
  • If it’s a Members Only Group: Conversation Preview is disabled and new users will be presented only with your Group Profile page.

Conversation Preview defaults to ‘Everyone’ (On) for all newly created Groups and ‘Members Only’ (Off) for all existing Groups. If you’re part of a Group that has a password, then this feature is automatically disabled. If you want people to peek into your Group, you’ll have to remove the password and then enable the feature in your Group.

Where is this shiny new feature in Palringo 8.4? The Conversation Preview option can be found in the Admin settings of the Edit Group Profile.

If you do not see this option, please upgrade to the latest client.

Here you can see where the Conversation Preview selection is located within your Group Profile.

With Conversation Preview set to ‘Members Only’, any new users are simply presented with your Group Profile.

With the Conversation Preview set to ‘Everyone’, any new users can preview the conversation but cannot take part. To interact with your Group Members, a new user must join your Group.

On Android, the Join Button can be found on the Group Profile page.

On iOS, the Join Button can be found whilst previewing the conversation..


Don’t have this latest version, Palringo 8.4? Download it and start enjoying these features!

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