Guess What? Bot Scavenger Hunt


We’ve got a Guess What? Bot improvements, Achievements, and a unique Community event. Try to solve our puzzle if you think you’re smart enough!


Congratulations to user 233 ALMASAH who was the first to solve the scavenger hunt! They’ve earned a special Achievement and 5000 Credits.

The remaining 100 hundred users will receive the Achievement.


To figure out 699, you needed to multiply the numbers of A, B, C, and D images.

So: (21×21) + (13×13) + (8×8) + (5×5) =  699!

These are the dimensions of the Fibonacci spiral.

Scavenger Hunt

We’re having a very special event for Guess What? You all need to figure out what the number 699 means.

For 2 weeks (28/01 – 11/02) within several categories in Guess What? Bot, we have included special images that are all linked by a common theme.

When you find one of these images, it will have a clearly marked A, B, C, D on it. It will also feature a series of numbers that relate to 699, and you must figure out how once you have all 4 images.

  • The categories you will find the images in: Around the World, Nature, Mixed, & Close up
  • You only need to find the numbers from A, B, C, D images ONCE.
  • When you find an image, you must take a screenshot.
  • You must submit all your images and the answers to our special Typeform (below). In your submission image, please write you user ID on the image (example below).

Here’s an example:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

You can see that the images have something in common–cats. You can also see the image in the bottom left of each–A/B and numbers.


  • The first user who answers correctly will receive a special Achievement and 5000 Credits.
  • The remaining 100 who answer correctly receive the Achievement.

This is what one of your submission images should look like. Please write your user ID on it. Click to enlarge.



We’ve got some improvements arriving for Guess What?

  • The scores command has been updated to show each category with your score
  • There are now 30+ new Achievements up for grabs! 

Get 1000 anime-related Guess What questions correct

Get 1000 food-related Guess What questions correct

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