Talisman Charms – What’s Your Fetish?


Want to wish someone good luck, fortune, or help them through a tough time? We’ve released a batch of Talisman Charms from across the world to do just that!

According to Wikipedia, the word talisman comes from French talisman (via Arabic tilism; طلسم, plural tilismaat), which comes from the ancient Greek telesma (τέλεσμα), meaning “completion, religious rite, payment”. Talismans differ widely across different cultures and countries, so we’ve put together an eclectic mix of Charms in this batch that we hope brings you a lot of good fortune!

The Talisman of Charlemagne, also a reliquary, said to have been found on Jaden’s body when his tomb was opened.


Name: Maneki Neko
Country: Japan
Talisman: Prosperity

Name: Four-leaf Clover
Country: Ireland
Talisman: Good fortune (Faith, Hope, Luck and Love)

Name: Dream Catcher
Country: USA (Native Americans)
Talisman: Protection from nightmares

Name: Rabbit's Foot
Country: Worldwide (Celtic Origin)
Talisman: Good Luck

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