Personality Test: Discover Your Secret Online Identity


Take Palringo’s special personality test to discover your secret online identity.

        • This personality test takes less than 5 minutes to complete
        • Find somewhere quiet to take the test, without interruptions
        • What pops into your head first is probably the best answer


Who are you online?

You may have taken A LOT of quizzes in the past because you absolutely had to know what type of cake your future partner might be, which cartoon character fits your personality, or what superhero you might be. They’re all a lot of fun (Dark Forest Gateaux, Scooby Doo, and Batman, in case you were wondering), but they don’t tell us that much about who we really are.

It takes time to figure out who you are and where you fit in online, and it can seem like a pretty scary thing to think about it…

Because who we are when we’re online can be very different from who we are in real life. Would you talk to your friends and family in the same way you chat with strangers on the Internet? Are you even the same type of person–reserved and quiet in everyday life but the centre of attention on social networks?

Our online life is not just an extension of our real life but a totally different one. You can find people who share your interests, wildest dreams, who understand you better than you know yourself. Online, you get to choose your family. They’re people who accept you for who you are.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out where you fit in with your online life. Just what type of person are YOU? Here at Palringo, we wanted to help answer that question.

We created our Personality est: Discover Your Secret Online Identity. It’ll tell you what kind of person you are and how you can get the most out of your Internet life.

Find your Group

Palringo’s a champion of freedom of expression, of creating a home where you can feel safe and welcome as you explore your passions. It’s a place to discover other people just like you and live your online life to fullest.

I’m so grateful for Palringo because it introduced me to some great friends who became family to me. We share each other’s highs and lows: User ID: 14328435

Our Groups are where all the action takes place. It’s in these chat rooms where people can do anything from sharing funny images to talking about their lives to forging new, lasting relationships. Groups can be intimate lounges where just a few close people chat, to large gatherings of hundreds of people all having fun.

Build your own social club

The best way to think of Groups is like owning your own social club. You may just be someone who drops in to relax. You could be the owner; but know you can’t handle everything by yourself so you ask people you trust to help take care of the Group, take care of all the activities and make sure everyone is happy. It’s this way of thinking that makes our Groups not just chat rooms, but living, breathing social communities.

Palringo is something essential in my life. Without it, my days gets boring. I love to keep chatting with other people and play with bots: User ID: 453

Just like in real life, your home is what you make it. And there’s no one type of person you’ll see in our Groups. There are people who just sit back and enjoy the conversation; that one who’s always ready to start a conversation; the one who posts the latest funny thing doing the rounds on the Internet. There’s never just one personality on Palringo–there’s a place for everyone.

Palringo is a time-out from my regular life and daily routine so life’s better and less boring. It’s a place of freedom: User ID: 9399195

So whether our personality test had you as a leader or a chatter, or something else–and whether it was what you expected, or whether you learnt something new about yourself today–Palringo might be the perfect place to explore who you’re free to be online.

Why not share this personality test with people you know who love finding out more about where life can take them online?

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