Gotta Catch ‘Em All


Do you want to be the very best? Like no-one ever was? For 5 days, we are re-releasing all our fishing items that appeared throughout the year back into the waters. Now’s your chance to pick up any pesky items you may have missed and earn yourself a unique Achievement.

You may have heard in our previous communications that Cthulhu wasn’t happy with the fish items caught in Palringo’s waters, so he demanded that we start the cycle once again. Well, he is feeling generous and has decided to let everyone who did not have chance to collect the items throughout year do so for a limited time. From 25/03 2PM GMT to 29/03 2PM GMT, you can find all monthly fishing items in Fishing Bot.


Here’s the final leaderboard! We’ll send out everyone’s prizes as soon as possible! Thanks for taking part.

Next to the user ID, you can find the score for number of monthly fish caught.

23700464 | 140

39446874 | 136

13489808 | 97

25212244 | 93

14328435 92

39140618 | 90

71209021 | 89

2525 | 87

32380943 | 86

15943652 | 81

For those that already caught all the monthly fishing items before this, you’ll earn a unique Charm!

Oof, Golden Boi

There’s also a 50% Rep bonus on Fishing Bot and all its IBPs!

However, Cthulhu isn’t letting everyone off that easy–he also demands some entertainment, so it’s time for a Fishing Bot Tournament! 

Tournament Timeline

The Fishing Bot tournament runs from 26/03 2PM GMT to 28/03 2PM GMT.

How to Take Part

Taking part is easy:

  1. Join a group with Fishing Bot or add it to one of the groups you are already in
  2. Play by using the !fish command
  3. The players who catches the most number of monthly fishing items wins!
  • Winners will be notified via PM within 3 working days of the end of the competition
  • Prizes will be distributed within 7 working days


  • 1st prize: 10000 Rep points and 6000 credits
  • 2nd prize: 5000 Rep points and 3500 credits
  • 3rd prize: 3500 Rep points and 2000  credits
  • 4th-6th prize: 2000 rep points and 1500 credits
  • 6th-10th prize: 1000 rep points and 1000 credits
  • 11th – 50th prize: 200 Rep points and 200 credits
  • 51 – 200th prize: 100 Rep points and 100 credits
  • The top 200 players will also get the usual tournament Achievements.


You can play in any Group, in multiple Groups, and as many times as you like. If you don’t have Fishing Bot in your Group, check the Featured section as there will be a Group especially for the tournament! 

If you don’t have Fishing Bot in your Group, you can find it here.

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