Have you ever wanted to create your very own Charm?


Join our special community event and submit your design for a chance for it to become an official Palringo Charm!

It’s not long ago that we introduced Charms to Palringo–a new way to express yourself and decorate your Avatar. We’ve received a fantastic response from all of you, and you kept asking us if we’d ever introduce user-created Charms. Well, we thought it’d be fun to have competition to allow you all to do just that. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to showcase your design skills then this is it!


Well done to all our winners! Our designers will be hard at work over the next couple of weeks making your Charms a reality! Winners will get to permanently keep their Charms as well as gift them to several Palringo friends. Congrats!

ID: 37601632

ID: 78500331

ID: 41411738

ID: 33617584

ID: 73684624

ID: 42413782

ID: 765

ID: 41284407

ID: 6466606

ID: 548

How does it work?

To join in the event, all you have to do is submit your Charm design to our form, along with your User ID. You have from 11-15 March 24:00 GMT to submit your design*.

Design requirements

  • User ID
  • Charm Name
  • Charm Description (for a Store description)
  • Image Attachments (it can be more than one)
    • Image requirements. Multiple image formats are allowed. Please ensure images are in full colour and no smaller than 512×512 pixels square.
  • Design Notes (if you would like to make us aware of anything important regarding your Charm’s design)

A few tips from our designers:

  • Try not to make the design too complex–remember that it’s going to be on your avatar
  • Nothing offensive (which goes without saying)
  • No copyrighted material
  • Keep the details as bold as possible
  • Create something with a strong silhouette so it can be seen clearly when worn on a user’s profile


Next steps

We will pick the Top 5 designs and announce them on March 22. We may need to speak with the winners directly (over Palringo) if we have any questions.

Winners will receive their Charm forever, a unique Achievement, and can gift it up to 5 of their friends. It will then be made available on the Palringo Store.

*Please note that by submitting your design, you are handing over its license to Palringo to be used for commercial purposes.

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