Introducing Palringo VR


Palringo’s latest feature is a blockchain-powered, cloud-based, machine learning, chat battle-royale VR experience with AI components. 

After literally days of intense coding by one our of programmers chained to a radiator in Palringo’s basement, and after a few minutes of strict user testing on someone we dragged off the street, we’re proud to announce the official release of Palringo VR. PAL-VR allows users to view our chat service in stunning 4K, UHD with only minimal motion sickness and mild bouts of chat-aggravated insanity. If you find the current Palringo experience too convenient to hold in your hand, PAL-VR upgrades your on-the-go conversational experience by increasing the chance you walk into people or wander into traffic 1000%–just avoid getting kicked from a Group because Palringo VR will simulate the kick irl. 

PAL-VR: From our minds to your eyes

But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s hear from our developer and user.

“Please…can you unchain me now? I haven’t seen my family in days,” said an extremely happy programmer who will remain nameless for legal reasons.

“My eyes are bleeding–OH GOD IT BURNS,” said John, who received a Gregg’s meal deal (vegan sausage roll) for his forced cooperation.

Using PAL-VR is easy*:

  • Download our APK via an ad-infested website (via the link below)
  • Unpack the main file and subsequent 100 other zip files
  • Run the application (our programmer doesn’t remember what he called it)
  • Input your name, credit card number, date of birth, passport details, saliva sample
  • Enjoy an unparalleled chat experience like never before!

*Your experience may be extremely different and brick your device.

PAL-VR is the next stage in Palringo’s ongoing evolution, and we promise to support this solution for at least a month before becoming bored with it…maybe.


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3 thoughts on “Introducing Palringo VR

  1. Donald Trump

    “after a few minutes of strict user testing on someone we dragged off the street”
    I thought this was supposed to be a joke?😳

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