Express Yourself With New Anime Emoticon Charms, Achievements & A Promo


We’ve released a new batch of 30+ Charms, 2 new Charms Achievements, and a special Rep promo on select Charms!

Charms Promotions

We’re having a promotion on our new Anime Emoticon Charms. It’s gonna be totes subarashi!

From 09/04 2PM BST – 15/04 2PM BST there is a 50% Rep Bonus on any of the Anime Emoticon Charms purchased!


Charms Achievements

We’ve released 2 new Achievements (with multiple steps) for Charms Gifted and Charms Received.

  • Charms Gifted: Charms you Gift to others users (Free Charms do not count)
  • Charms Received: Charms that others Users have gifted you (Free Charms do not count)

Charms Gifted

Charms Received

Anime Emoticon Charms

We have some supa kawaii Charms hitting the Palringo Store so you all can find even more ways to express yourselves! Our 1st batch of Anime Emoticon Charms features over 30 different Charms to express your mood, from happy, sad, frustrated, and more! Check out a few below.

Don't be such a baka, m'lady.

Waifu is not impressed.

Takeshi-kun is weeping.

Much kawaii.

Visit the Store now! Arigatō!

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