What’s new in Palringo 8.5 – Message Filter & Improved Push Notifications


Learn more about the Message Filter feature that helps you control how you’re contacted in our social chat app’s latest update, Palringo 8.5.

Message Filter

No one likes opening up their inbox to be drowned by unwanted messages. It’s frustrating and can really bring down your chat experience, wherever you are. It’s something we’re dedicated to help resolve, and the Message Filter is a positive step toward solving this issue.

In its simplest form, it’s the job of the Message Filter to stop incoming unwanted messages. It contains several options that you can tweak to customise what kind of messages are filtered, but we’ll get onto that soon.

Where can I find the Message Filter?


Filter settings

The filter options restrict the types of messages you can receive. Depending on the filter setting you choose, fewer or more users will be able to contact you.


Only your existing Contacts, Staff, Volunteers and Bots can contact you–the bare essentials for your Palringo experience.

Recommended (Default setting)

Mostly the same as Strict, but Group Owners and Admins can now contact you.


Based on Recommended but also permits messages from users that are of a certain level and have been in the app for a good amount of time.


This option disables the message filter so that messages from all users are permitted.

Filtered messages location

There is a dedicated inbox for filtered messages. If you wish to see them, the filtered messages list can be found in the Message Filter section of the Settings, in a sub-page found directly underneath the filter settings.

Filtered message options

Clear All: This option is available with the sweeping brush icon at the top of the list. This only empties the list of all messages.

Individual Message Options: These are available via a long press on a message.

Clear: Clears the selected message from the list
Block: Prevents any further messages from this user from being received.
Add: Adds the user to your contacts list (on the Contacts Tab) and moves the message to the Chats List. This effectively marks this users as ‘safe’ so all future messages are received irrespective of the message filter settings.

When you install Palringo 8.5, what Message Filter is set to may change.

  • New user: RECOMMENDED.
  • Existing user on 8.4 (or lower) with Spam Filter set to OFFRECOMMENDED
  • Existing user on 8.4 (or lower) with Spam Filter ONRECOMMENDED

Push Notification Improvements (iOS only)

We’ve been improving how you view and receive notifications on Palringo. This means that you’ll now find a brand-new preview of group content, improved performance in the message you send/receive (along with cool new sounds), and a better way of displaying all that information. You can even tailor specific settings for how you’re notified.

This feature will be available for Android very soon!

What can I change?

There are several options you can tweak to customise your experience. We’ll give you a quick run-down below.

iOS: Home Tab > tap the “cog” icon > tap Alerts.

  • In-App Notifications: Alerts that appear when you’re using Palringo; if they’re enabled, you can customise Group + Private messages
  • Group Messages: Alerted for any group activity
  • Private Messages: Alerted to Private Messages
  • Push Notifications: Notifications that appear when you’re not using Palringo
  • Show Content Previews: Shows you the first few words of a message ( if it’s text), voice, photo
  • User Joins Group: Alert when a new User joins a Group
  • User Leaves Group: Alerts when a user leaves a Group
  • Keep Me Up To Date: Alerts for news, promotions, etc.

Push Notifications

  • If you do not interact with many Push Notifications, you will see fewer of these notifications appear.
  • In your settings, you can configure what audio is played for a Group Message and a Private Message. For Private Messages, you will hear the audio with each and every message you receive. For Group Messages, you will hear the audio for the 1st message received and then again every 30 minute.
  • Push Notifications may combine messages together, meaning that a single notification can contain information about multiple group or private messages
  • Muting a Group: The mute control means that you can silence specific Groups. To mute a group, navigate to the group and from the overflow menu, select ‘Mute’. To start receiving alerts from this group again, simply select ‘Unmute’.

Phew, that’s about everything for Palringo 8.5.

To take advantage of all these great features, make sure you’re upgraded to the latest version*.

*Please note, it may take some time for the update to be available for your phone after its initial release. Thanks a lot for your patience!

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