Ramadan Charity Campaign Hunt for Hunger 2018: Your Donations


The Palringo community raised over $150,000 for Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief for last year’s Ramadan charity campaign. Let’s find out where your donations went!

Our 2018 Ramadan charity event, Hunt for Hunger, raised over $150,000 for Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief. If you’re not familiar with how we netted that much cash, we introduced a new chat bot–Hunter Bot. We challenged the Palringo community to trap as many Ramadan-themed birds possible. We set a goal of 5 million birds, and you all smashed that goal with ~96k to spare! The whole team was amazed by how hard you all worked in the name of charity. But what exactly did you all help with? Let’s find out!

Action Against Hunger

Safe drinking water in Khosos, Qalyubia, Egypt

Qalyubia Governorate is situated north of Cairo in the Nile Delta region. Poverty, lack of basic social services and poor infrastructure is chronic in the area. The water supply system has suffered from a number of problems, which mean that people often have to buy water from illegal vendors or drink polluted water. Contaminated water can cause severe health problems, including diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and polio, with children under five years old particularly at risk.

Action Against Hunger has been working in Khosos, Qalyubia to improve water services for the local population. The charity has achieved this by installing a well with a treatment station which means that 20,000 residents of Khosos now have guaranteed access to clean drinking water, supplied directly to their households.

Campaigns have also been carried out at health centres, schools and community spaces to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation and good sanitation practices. This water component is part of a health project that integrates health, nutrition, hygiene and water services benefiting the 54,000 people who live in Khosos.

Action Against Hunger is working in over 46 countries around the world. You can also watch a video on Action Against Hunger’s work in Mali.

One of Action Against Hunger’s latest video follows Community Health Worker, Hawa, who lives in a rural village near Kita, Mali.

Islamic Relief

Palringo’s fund will help Islamic Relief implement projects through a Waqf program, which focuses on long-term benefits for thousands of recipients.

The program invests first and foremost in people and agriculture, with a philosophy focused on bringing sustainable, ongoing returns that will facilitate the execution of various projects, both emergency or development, in a number of countries and spanning many years.

A needs assessment will be carried out by Islamic Relief to determine which countries should be prioritised; the charity has field offices in several MENA countries such as Jordan, Iraq, Yemen and more.

There’s not much time until Ramadan, and you can bet we’ll have an awesome charity event on the way. In the meantime, keep your rods at the ready…

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