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There’s a 50% Rep bonus on Guess What? Bot, a Challenge, plus we’re debuting the new Challenge feature! Group Owners can now create Group tournaments, too!

From from Thursday, April 25 at 2PM BST until Tuesday, April 30 at 2PM BST, there’s 50% Rep on Guess What? Bot. The Nine Divines be praised.


There’s a new feature in town that lets you see your progress and all of Palringo’s progress towards a challenge goal in real-time. We wanted to make sure that it doesn’t break the app, so have decide to ring in this new feature with a Guess What? Bot challenge.

We’ll be hosting a Challenge from Thursday, April 25 at 2PM BST until Tuesday, April 30 at 2PM BST, featuring both Personal and Global goals. 

  • Global Goal – 1,000,000 correct answers 
  • Personal Goal – 150 correct answers 

!gw challenge personal – Shows your current score for a challenge.
!gw challenge global – Shows the global score for a challenge.


For completing the Personal goal (and the Global goal is reached), you can win a very special Guess What Bot? Charm.

User-Created Group Tournaments

Now you don’t have to wait for us to host a Guess What Bot? tournament–you can do it yourselves! Group Owners now have the power, so use it wisely.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Type !gw tournament start
  • Your Group members then have 24 hours to see who can get the most points. Anyone can choose a category and they can be changed.
  • To check the scores along the way, type !gw tournament. There will only be a Top 10 for Group tournaments.
  • If a tournament needs to be cancelled, type !gw tournament cancel

Useful commands:

  • !gw help – Displays Help info
  • !gw tournament – Sends the group tournament leaderboard
  • !gw tournament start – Starts a new tournament (Owner only)
  • !gw tournament cancel – Cancels a tournament (Owner only)
  • !gw tournament winners – Sends the list of last 10 tournament winners

Try it out for yourselves and have fun!

If you’ve not got Guess What Bot in your Group, you can pick it up at the STORE.

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