The Stage is Set for the World’s On-Line Festival


You’ve got VIP passes to an exciting new chapter in Palringo’s history! Let’s get the party started!

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For years, you’ve known Palringo as a text chat app where you can hang out, chat with friends, and play some bots. But for a while now, you’ve been asking us for something more, and we’ve been listening. Over time, we’ve seen you all running radio shows and enjoying the audio chat functions in the app. Now it’s time for the next chapter in Palringo’s history, so you can all really express yourselves: Live. Audio. Entertainment!

The guest-list is short but your name’s down so you’re coming in. So, first off–thanks! Secondly, you can check out more about how this new feature works.

The world’s your stage!

Palringo’s Stages is a new Group feature where up to 5 people can take the mic and start entertaining. You can tap on an open slot to start chatting/singing/reciting poetry or generally performing using live audio in a Group. Pretty simple, right?

What’s on your stage?

  • A music request show?
  • A karaoke competition?
  • A poetry recital?
  • Fun quizzes with prizes for the winners?
  • A talent show?
  • A chat with friends?
  • Playing an instrument for your friends?
  • Stand-up comedy?

This is just a warm-up act

We want to gather a lot feedback from all of you about how we can make Stages better for Palringo AND for you! Have fun with it and help us create the World’s On-Line Festival together!

This is just the beginning of Stages. In the future, we want to introduce elements like buzzers for quizzes, music stages with speakers, spotlights for talent shows, and much more.

For more information, visit the FAQ

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