Palringo Talent Show


Palringo’s hosting a talent competition. Read on to showcase your talents!


We’d once again like to thank everyone that shared their talent with us. You can check out the winners below!


1. Theory💋
2. irisheyes
3. 🌟᪥♾᭨ᮀᩓƒ᰻♾᪥🦢💣๖ͥ๏ᷠ๓ᷫ๖ͥ💥τᷩคᷞรͦτͦiͩɕⷹ💣| αℓΞⓧαи∂яα


1. ʝµรт ⓥⓘ⚜वी ~§~
2. CAVªˡʳʸ ǤʊâཞժɪᵃƝ ~§~ काव
3. Paddy O’Furniture


1.₩øød¥ °Mè£öd¥’s° Prîñçé øf the Bo₩
2. Speǝdy
3. The original Jay

You can still listen to the entries below.




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7 thoughts on “Palringo Talent Show

  1. Negina

    I really satisfied when i saw this topic , every chat applications else will be boring after a few month but here! I love this competitions , they make us more active and will show our talents .

  2. Just Vi

    Can u only enter 1 song? Or leave a few in different styles? And can u leave a song that’s over 3 mins in 2 vms? Lots of love from Vi. And thank you for this great opportunity!

  3. Cav

    This was a lot of fun, and I’m happy to see so many of my members enter!
    Great job to all that tried! N thanks pal for doing something fun!

  4. Jer

    Glad to see Palringo is hosting contests. I used to host contests for singing in my room [Sing] back in 2015. Great Work Palringo 💜

  5. Alejandro

    Congratulations to all the people who participated in the talent show and the people who didn’t. I had a great time listening to you and not listening to you, respectively.

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