Palringo 9.1 [Android]


Introducing improvements to purchasing Charms, how you sign in and login to your accounts, and suspending the Stage. Read on to find out more…

Charms Purchase Flow Improvements

We’ve made several improvements to how you purchase Charms, which makes finding your favourites easier and pinning them to your Avatar quicker.

Wearing a Charm you’ve just purchased

As soon as you purchase a Charm for yourself, you can wear it immediately, and be returned to your Charms inventory.

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Renewing expired Charms

If a Charm has expired and you’d like to renew it, you can now do so easier.

Navigate to your Profile > Tap on Charms (on your Avatar) > Tap the inventory list (highlighted on the first image below) > Navigate to Expired > Tap on any Charm you want to renew to be taken to the Store to purchase it directly.

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Stealing someone’s look

If you notice another user wearing a Charm that you like, you can tap on that user’s Charm to immediately be given the option to add it* to your collection.

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*Please note that limited edition/unique reward Charms CAN’T be purchased.

Sign Up/ Log In Improvements

We’ve improved the presentation of the log-in screen to make it easier to log-in with multiple accounts.

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Stopping the Stage from notifications screen

You can now stop listening to a Stage’s audio broadcast from your phone’s quick menu. Simply bring up your notifications menu (usually done by swiping downwards from the top of your phone’s screen). Then, tap the ⬜ icon to stop listening.

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Please note, if you are currently broadcasting on a Stage, it will also drop the mic.

That’s all for Palringo 9.1 for Android. If you’ve not got the latest version, then head to the Play Store!

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