The Call of Cthulhu


The Dark Lord has risen…but can you summon him?

The High Priest of the Great Old Ones, The Great Dreamer, The Sleeper of R’lyeh, Squiddy Boi–Cthulhu goes by many names. After tearing Palringo’s oceans asunder, he now finally roams the waters. However, if you want to catch him, then you’ll have to put the work in.

Cthullu demands fishy offerings from each and every one of you:

Table of Contents


October 14, 2PM BST to October 27, 2PM

  • Personal Challenge: Catch 500 of ANY fish
  • Global Challenge: Catch 3 million of ANY fish

What happens when you reach the Global Challenge goal? Stay tuned to find out…

There’s a 50% Rep Promo on Boosters and Fishing Bot from 14/10/2019 2PM BST – 18/10/2019 2PM BST


We’ll also be bringing back some fan-favourite fish, released throughout the challenge.


Atlantic Tarpon

Bluefin Tuna

Giant Squid

Great White Shark


Red Lionfish



Male Kobudai

Female Kobudai


For completing the Personal Challenge (and for having reached the Global challenge), you can get a special Achievement and Charm.



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