What’s New in Palringo 9.2 [Android]?


There’s a new way to keep listening to the Stage as you move around the app, the first steps in improving the Discover page, and more in Palringo 9.2 for Android.

Audio Backgrounding

You can now listen to the Stage while navigating through the app, as well as other Groups and Private Conversations.

When you back out of a Group where a Stage is open, a dialogue box will appear, asking if you would still like to continue listening to the Stage.

Discover Page Improvements

In our ongoing mission of improving the Discover page, we have made some minor improvements to the way Group Avatars are displayed.


  • We have made improvements to audio
  • If the recipient of the message has their filter set to ‘Strict’, no message will go through and the sender will receive “Message Failed”
  • General bug fixes

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