Design the Official WOLF Group Avatars


Join our community competition and enter your design that could be used as our official WOLF Group Avatars!

Big changes are happening around the app, and you’ve probably already seen some cool stuff going on if you’re part of our Open Beta. But maybe you’ve been living under a rock and this is the first time you’ve heard of WOLF? Nope. It’s not the kind that lives in the woods or accompanies the Stark family around Westeros. It’s The World’s Online Festival–and it’s who we are!

In the festival spirit, we’re doing a bit of crowd-sourcing by asking the designers out there to create the official avatars for several WOLF Groups.


We want that feeling of fun, expressive freedom running through every part of the app. We know how much you all love your Group avatars (some of you even use official logos in them!). Here’s your chance to get one of your designs on our official Groups!

Here are the Groups we’re accepting designs for:

  1. Official WOLF chat Group
  2. Auction Group
  3. Support Group
  4. Support +

From 25 November, 2PM to 29 November, 2PM, you can submit your design.

Please state in the form which Group you’re submitting your design for. You’re free to submit a design for different Groups, but we’ll only choose one winner per user!

Assets + Requirements

  • WOLF is always in all caps.
  • Resolution: 1024×1024
  • Format: PSD or file we can open via Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Nothing offensive (which goes without saying)
  • Remember, each client (iOS or Android) has their own system font: San Fransisco on iOS and Roboto on Android. We encourage you to use free fonts that have a commercial license.
  • Keep the details as bold as possible
  • We reserve the right to NOT use any images if they are deemed unsuitable


Or, if you’d like the individuals files


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