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We launched our Community Competition where you can win the Champion of Champions Achievement and ANY Charm you desire!
06/12/2019We released the Shrimp (forever) that you can catch at Fisherman's Horizon.
07/12/2019We've released the Box Jellyfish (forever) that you can catch at Pal Pond!

8/12/2019We've released the Blobfish (forever) that you can catch at Pal Pond!

9/12/2019We've released 3 Winter 2018 birds for Hunter Bot: Puffin, Red-Throated Diver, and the Snowy Owl--forever.

Our WINTER THUNDERDOME Group has also now closed. Over the coming days, random users will be kicked until only one remains!
10/12/2019We released the Lobster for Fisherman's Horizon.

11/12/2019We're having a 50% Word Game Bots Promo from 11/12/2019 10AM GMT - 13/12/2019 10AM GMT.
12/12/2019From 12/12/2019 10 AM GMT - 13/12/2019 10 AM GMT, you can earn 50% extra Rep on newly steps earned on Little Santa and Bot Master! We've also released 2 new steps for each of these Achievements. Please note, Rep will be delivered AFTER the promo has ended.



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