Guess What? Bot Challenge: Summer Slam

To celebrate the release of the new Shuffle category for Guess What?, we’re having a challenge.

We’ve also released an Achievement for the Shuffle category.

You have from July 20 2 PM BST – July 24 2 PM BST to complete the challenge.

In this Challenge, the category with the most correct answers earns its respective Charm. I.E. If the category with the most correct answers is Food, then you earn the Food Charm. However, there is still a Global Goal that must be reached in order to unlock any Charm.

Because CLOSEUPS & MUSIC won last time, they are NOT being counted this time.

Please note: You can ONLY earn ONE Charm. Also, c’mon, let Anime win this time. uWu

Personal Goal

  • 100 correct answers across any category


  • 250,000 games won


  • Personal – 5k Rep
  • Global – Charm for whichever category gets the most correct answers (except above-mentioned Charms)

Good luck!

If you’ve not got Guess What Bot in your Group, you can pick it up at the STORE.