Jockey Update & Challenge

We’ve got a ton of fun new things for Jockey Bot, including Achievements, new cosmetics, commands, and a challenge! Check it out below!

Jockey Challenge

From December 1 2PM GMT – December 3 2PM GMT, you must win 10 races.

Rewards: 5,000 Rep


  • From December 1 2PM GMT – December 3 2PM GMT, there’s a 50% Rep Promo on Jockey Bot and its Boosters.
  • Until December 31, you can purchase the Reindeer, Christmas Saddle, Reins, and Socks!


Here’s a quick roundup of all the new features released! For more information, check out the Jockey Infographic.

  • Jockey Wins & Jockey Level Achievements
    • Jockey Wins = Awarded for coming first in races
    • Jockey Level = Awarded for increasing the Level of your animal
  • Cosmetics! We’ve released new saddles, socks, animal colours, and more!
    • Some cosmetics cost Credits, while others require you to reach certain animal levels/wins
  • New Commands:
    • You can now treat everyone in the Group to golden carrots
    • You can view Group and Global leaderboards for the number of wins
    • You can customise your animal with new cosmetics and even change animal without having to create a new one