Palringo Charity Campaign 2018: The Hunt Is On


Last week, we reflected on hitting the £1m milestone in charity donations and took a look at the amazing work that last year’s campaign helped to fund. We also told you to watch this space and, true to our word, now it’s time to reward your patient space-watching with the big reveal…


Introducing Hunt for Hunger 2018

This year, following unprecedented demand, we have a brand new shiny collector game for you to feast on – please give a warm Palringo welcome to the alluringly avian Hunter Bot!


That’s right, this brand new title challenges you to capture all manner of birds to house and show off in your very own aviary. While we say hunt, of course we only permit the most humane ways of catching and keeping your winged wonders.

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Pushing Palringo charity further in 2018


Last year, our amazing community raised an incredible $136k during our Fish For Hunger charity campaign. These efforts meant we smashed the million dollar mark, with Palringo’s all-time charity contributions now totaling an unbelievable $1.125m.


When the first charity campaign was launched five years ago, we couldn’t have imagined ever surpassing such a milestone, and for that we have only all of you to thank. So please, gives yourselves a pat on the back for helping to make the world a better place.


2017 Review


As with previous campaigns, the vital funds raised last summer were donated towards two charities we greatly admire and continue to develop strong partnerships with: Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief.


With that time of year rapidly approaching once more, let’s take a step back to reflect on where that money went and how much difference it’s really making.


We recently caught up with the two charities to get some insight into what they’ve been working on in the past year, with thanks to the contributions you all made in 2017.


Action Against Hunger: Azraq, Jordan


Funds raised for Action Against Hunger by Palringo’s 2017 charity campaign are currently supporting a project in Jordan to improve the living conditions of Jordanian communities hosting Syrian refugees. The expanding population of refugees in Jordan has increased pressure on basic services and infrastructure, including sanitation and waste disposal. The project, in Azraq, central-eastern Jordan, is supporting the most vulnerable populations by improving the collection and processing of organic waste into compost for use in agriculture. The programme is also creating jobs through a cash-for-work programme and promoting sustainable soil management practices within Azraq’s farming community.

Islamic Relief


Palringo’s donation was distributed to three key projects being undertaken by Islamic Relief. In Chechnya, hundreds of elderly and disabled people’s safety has been enhanced by the provision of grab handles in their bathrooms, housing conditions for orphans and their families in Mali are being improved according to carefully determined criteria, and the charity continue their work helping to build and repair greenhouses in Tunisia, resources on which the livelihoods of thousands depend.

What lies ahead for 2018?


Ah ha! We thought you might ask that… Well, sailing past the $1m mark is wonderful but, of course, charity doesn’t end there.


We’ll be back very, very soon with the scoop on this year’s plans but for now, let’s just say Palringo’s charity campaign will seriously take flight in 2018…

Introducing the new and *vastly* improved Poll Bot!


Hold it right there – we have a very important question to ask you all: which of the following is your favourite Palringo bot?


A: Pool Bot

B: Polly Bot

C: Polo Bot

D: Poll Bot


Okay, ready, and vote… NOW.


*Shuffles pretend papers as the votes fly in and the clock counts down dramatically*


That’s it! Time’s up and voting’s over, let’s take a look at the results and see wh-…well, well, well would you believe it?! It’s a 100%, hands down, universal, across the board victory for the almighty Poll Bot!


Fine, that particular poll may have been somewhat fixed. Still, the point is, Poll Bot is BACK and like you’ve never seen it before.


What’s new?


We’ve reinvented the original Poll Bot as something so much more useful, flexible and most importantly so much more fun. Still a floating voter? OK, here’s our manifesto for the new-look Poll Bot:

  1. Creating a poll now takes place in private message between creator and the bot, meaning less mess, confusion and spam for the rest of the group.


  1. Whereas before you only had the option to run 1-5 minute polls, now you can give your group members anything from 30 minutes to 5 days to ensure they have an appropriate amount of time to take their pick.


  1. Similarly, you can now run up to 5 polls at once in any group compared to the original single poll functionality.


  1. We’ve overhauled the way results of the poll are structured to make them easier to understand, and the creator of the poll has the results posted to them via PM too!


  1. While it’s great for everyone to have their say at times, on certain matters you might want to reserve voting rights for the more experienced members of the group. Perhaps you have a large, open group, but you particularly want opinions from a select portion of the members. For this reason, the revamped Poll Bot allows polls to be restricted to users with a certain Reputation level. After all, Rep is still what makes the Palringo world go round!

  1. No bot redesign would be complete without the all-important achievement, and this Poll Bot update is no different. If you vote on a poll it counts the vote and adds to your total score which will unlock steps of the new achievement. You heard it here first, Palringo officially rewards democracy in action.

Why the update?


Each of these additions have been developed to both broaden the ways in which Poll Bot can be used and also improve the whole experience.


So whether it’s voting for your favourite group member, mod or admin, choosing the best singers in your group or simply asking the gang what you should cook for dinner – all that and more can be decided more simply than ever with the power of Poll Bot


One final thing to note – the bot is also now infinitely better value to add to your group, because despite all these extras the price is one thing that won’t be changing!

School’s IN: Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week!


Whether it’s Ms Simmons with her juggling-based memory exercises, Mr Baig with his impromptu musical outbursts or Mrs Bernard with her notoriously difficult spelling tests, we never forget our favourite school teachers. No matter how long ago it may sometimes seem that we were once sat in class, certain memories seem to stick with us forever thanks to those special tutors.


It’s also true that, despite the nostalgia, teaching can often feel like a thankless task at the time. That’s why this year we’ve decided to celebrate our very own Teacher Appreciation Week!


Many countries around the world have a dedicated day or week where they pay tribute to all the teachers working hard to educate the generations of the future and we felt it’s about time we got involved too.


So, without further ado, we’re kicking off the Palringo community Teacher Appreciation Week today!


No such occasion would be complete without an accompanying promotion, so we’ve picked a fitting selection of utilities and gaming bots that are particularly good at keeping you on your toes while having fun and helping you learn – just like the very best teachers do.


From Tuesday 24th April 2018, at 10am BST, you’ll be able to get *50% EXTRA REP* on any and every purchase of the below bots, with the offer ending Friday 27th April at 10am BST.


  1. Mathletics Bot
  2. Countdown Bot
  3. Crossword Bot
  4. Teamwork Spell Bot
  5. Quiz Bot
  6. English Dictionary Bot
  7. English to Arabic Translator Bot


Head on over to the Palringo store now to make the most of the offer.


Once again, here’s to all the hard-working teachers making a difference to childhoods all over the globe!


Another new fish item and this time there’s a tournament to go alongside it!


Deep in the depths of the Palringo ocean lies the sunken treasures of many pirates and this time it’s up to you to see if you can fish any of it up! This weeks tournament comes along side the release of a brand new item, the Golden Candlestick!


The results are in!

Place Nickname ID Score
1 ᖫ ✠ ᐯ₳℞ỪŇ ✠ ᖭ ✑ ⓬ ᵛᵃʳᵘⁿཀ🔢ཫ™🇮🇳 40105261 19
2 !     ⇣ ℓσ̱v̱ε̱я̱ ⇣     ! 74413085 13
3        ⚠️  ⌯ ⃗  『 𝓓𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓻 』🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 34428643 12
4 ຮíɱo͠ʑ 36453070 12
5 7799994 11
6 12431471 10
7 71209021 10
8 💎                ⓫ ꊰᕱᎥᏃ  ო☻♅ᕱ 24759738 9
9 •รэຖຊለךּїຖэ•¹² 33331512 9
10 ᴘᴏ.ᴏᴋɪᴇ                                        ʙᴇʟʟᴀ 12102650 8

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Guess what? Yup you got it! Guess What is back with a tournament.



Did you win! top 10 are below!

Place ID Nickname Score
1 40105261 ᖫ ✠ ᐯ₳℞ỪŇ ✠ ᖭ ✑ ⓬ ᵛᵃʳᵘⁿཀ🔢ཫ™🇮🇳 20080
2 20313756 ِ    C. ✡ 12279
3 39224345 ¹¹ Ƙᥙ͜ᥒ͞ᥲℓ⃔ ࿆⍟  ҉⃕ᴷᵁᴺᴺᵁ⃔͜ ༉ ©✩🄸♡🄻🄿🄶²⁰¹⁸ 9957
4 47067037 Neon1483 9270
5 35744767 😈😈FaTiH😈😈        [halfeti] 8281
6 42865074 .. 7877
7 39184924 peace lover 6371
8 74887940 ➹ ͡  ❥ℒadeé 6296
9 41719814        jill 6082
10 48791389 !                               ͚༏ངཛཽ͚ 4228

With brand new content carefully curated by our awesome team of content volunteers, we bring you another Guess What Bot tournament! If you’d like to join them in adding new games for all sorts of games join [en training content submitters].

Did you know we’re constantly adding new content to Guess What? Our team of volunteers is always helping to add new visual puzzles for you to solve. We also recently introduced the option to play Guess What with multiple categories at once! All you need to do is type:

!gw <categoryname> , <categoryname>, <categoryname> – to start a game with several specific categories.


The competition will start on Wednesday 21st March at 14:00 (GMT) and you’ll have until 14:00 (GMT) on Friday 23rd March to win as many games of Guess What as you can!


Special prizes will go to to the top 5 players: a 1-week spot in the Palringo Featured Group gallery for a group of their choice!

There will be an awesome 50% Rep promotion on all Guess What Bot purchases for the duration of the tournament.


How to take part:


    • Join a group with Guess What in it or add it to one of the groups you are already in
    • Win games! Each game you win counts as one point.


  • The player who earns the most correct answers in the 48 hours wins!


  • Prizes up for grabs are**:
    • 1st prize: 10000 Rep points and 6000 credits
    • 2nd prize: 5000 Rep points and 3500 credits
    • 3rd prize: 3500 Rep points and 2000  credits
    • 4th-6th prize: 2000 rep points and 1500 credits
    • 7th-10th prize: 1000 rep points and 1000 credits
    • 11th – 50th prize: 200 Rep points and 200 credits
    • 51st – 200th prize: 100 Rep points and 100 credits

The top 200 players will also get an achievement AND will qualify for our next tournament of champions. (to be announced next month)

Palringo 8 – The New Black


Martin, Founder of Palringo


Ten years ago, we first launched Palringo group chat for iPhone and Android phones. In those 10 years, Palringo has facilitated conversation, debate, and entertainment for over 30 million people, all around the world.

We’ve served the role of a virtual campfire around which communities have gathered, evolved, and thrived. We strongly believe that the resulting interchange of vantage points, ideas, perspectives, and life experiences between groups of people who may otherwise not have had the chance to connect, continues to unite and enrich our global culture.

Now, taking on board lessons learned over the last decade, we’re proud to introduce Palringo 8.0 part of our ongoing strive to create the world’s ultimate online gathering place.

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Fishing Bot monthly treasures


The seas of Palringo are filled with incredible creatures and only the most dedicated and skilled anglers have so far been able to hook all of them. Weird and wonderful creatures aren’t the only thing lurking in the depths, though. Ships sometimes fall foul of the treacherous Palringo seas and the sea bed is littered with treasures. Every month a new treasure will be revealed!

On March 1st (3pm GMT) the first treasure will be revealed and you’ll have until April 3rd (10am GMT) to fish it up before it disappears giving way to a new treasure. If you miss it, you’ll need to wait until next year for it to become available again. You can view your caught treasures in the new fourth chart using ‘!fish my chart 4’.

The long awaited update for the Group Games Master Achievement!



We have given the Group Games Master Achievement a much needed update by removing all of the things that you didn’t like about it and ensuring it gives you more of the things you do like – let’s go over the new changes shall we?


The most requested improvement has arrived, as we introduce new gaming Achievements into the gaming category you will NEVER lose the Group Games Master Achievements and any associated reputation that you worked so hard to gain.

We have changed the way you unlock this Achievement compared to before, you won’t be required to unlock the first step of every single gaming Achievement to unlock the first Group Games Master Achievement. Now the steps are simpler, to achieve the first step you will need to unlock the first three steps of any five achievements in the category as well as much more Rep than before as well as sweet new artwork.

So will you become the new Group Games Master? There’s only one way to find out… GET PLAYING!

The Tournament of Champions is Here!

Place Nickname id
1 ♩⇣‟أحْـہ ــمَــدْ يـَہ ـاْسِـہ ـينْ ┋ ᷂✦ 15841358

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the chance for the best of the best to battle it out for the title of Champion of Champions. The tournament of choice will be the fan favorite Fish Bot.


How do you qualify?

If you were in the top 200 of any of our last 6 tournaments (Maze, Fish, Darts, High/Low, Quiz, Hero) you are in!


How do I take part?

On Thursday the 1st of February at 2PM GMT we will send a notification to everyone who has qualified to join a top-secret group, in this group you must Fish for your heart’s content over the next 24 hours, the winner will be the person who at the end of the 24 hours has the most unique GROUP RECORDS (in the case of a tie the person with the largest fish will win).


What are the prizes?

The winner will win a 25,000 Rep points and 25,000 credits! They will also receive a one-off achievement only awarded to the Champion of Champions. Anyone else who sets a record but doesn’t win will win 5,000 Rep and 5000 credits.


So prepare yourself for a battle of epic proportions.