Gaming is the new giving

Child's Play Palringo Achievement

We’ve been absolutely overwhelmed with the response to our ‘Never Forgotten’ charity campaign which has raised over $236,000: $125,020 for Islamic Relief and $111,039 for Child’s Play, through our unique network of online communities on Palringo.

This year’s donations, which will go towards the provision of much needed food for refugees, with a focus on Gaza and Syria, as well as children’s hospital care, highlights the online community’s extraordinary power as a force for good, as well as the significant potential that gamification has for influencing user behaviour. Continue reading

Palringo Charity Campaign


Last year Palringo users raised a phenomenal $230,000 USD for charity during our Ramadan campaign! By donating Palringo credits through our specially created charity Bots, the money raised helped our chosen charities, Islamic Relief and Charity Right, to distribute much needed food and medical aid to over 30,000 people in affected areas around the world. Read more about our 2013 campaign here.

We’re hoping to replicate last year’s success with this year’s campaign! The campaign will be running until 29th of July. We’re delighted to announce that we will be partnering with 2 charities; Islamic Relief for the second year running and Child’s Play, a charity which seeks to improve the lives of sick children in hospital with toys and video games.

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